Weddings in Aruba
Weddings in Aruba
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Aruba Resort Weddings

Weddings at the Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba
Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba &
Tara Beach Suites

LG Smith Blvd 55
Eagle Beach
Phone 583 1100
Fax 582 5272
Weddings at Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba
Wedding Packages
Civil Ceremony
A Civil Ceremony is the legal wedding ceremony & always takes place in the Civil House in downtown Oranjestad

  • A certificate from the Ministry of Justice
  • Translation of Dutch marriage certificate to English
  • Special Government stamp
  • Marriage Book
  • Authorization of translated copy of marriage
  • Courier Delivery of translated marriage certificate to client
  • Fee for processing papers
  • Transfers from Bucuti to Civil House and back to Bucuti for 2 people

Wedding Settings
Romantic Arch Decor
  • Contemporary Style
    • With no chairs
    • With white chairs
  • Wedding table for couple
  • Optional upgrade
  • Arch, no chairs
  • Arch, covered chairs